• 6 Things to consider before booking a trip
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    6 Vital Things To Consider Before Booking A Trip

    Booking a trip is always an incredibly fun thing to do, but because of the excitement it’s easy to get carried away and miss something important. Whether it’s visiting a destination at the wrong time of year, forgetting to pack something essential or missing out on a great excursion because you didn’t do your research – planning in advance is the best way to avoid making any mistakes. With that in mind, here are 6 things to consider before booking a trip: 1. What Is Your Budget? Before you plan any trip you need to work out what your budget is going to be. Whilst it may seem boring and…

  • Why we can't be colorblind

    Why Can’t We be Colorblind?

    “I’m not racist. I don’t see color.” Just stop saying and doing this. Every time I hear this statement I cringe, and I automatically believe you’re prejudice and that you just haven’t come to terms with it yet. My annoyance is that the very people who say this typically try to silence my expression of my “color” or ethnicity. The statement itself is a lie. Unless you are visually impaired, you can clearly see the color of my skin as well as my overall appearance. Likewise, I clearly see you. At first glance, I notice your skin, your face and its features, the clothes you wear, and your overall demeanor.…

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    Five Driving Laws You May Be Breaking & Not Know It!

    How many times have you driven to work and felt like you blinked and – Bam! – there you were? That type of driving is auto-pilot. You get into your car and muscle memory allows you to start it without thinking, maneuver without thinking and get to your destination without thinking. The scary thing about this is that it’s normal to be automatically doing all the same moves when you drive; the only issue is that you may not even know that what you do on the road is illegal. There are a lot of traffic laws that all drivers of all levels must consider, and no one is a…

  • Reasons to be optimistic about the environment
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    Reasons to Optimistic About the Environment

    If you read virtually anything about the environment and climate change, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little glum afterwards. There’s much negative talk going on about the issue! However, while there are reasons to feel down about the state of the world and where it’s going, there is also reason to be optimistic. And if you have the choice between pessimism and optimism, it’s always good practice to take the optimism route, especially if it can be backed it, which in this case it can. Below, we run through a few reasons why this might be the sensible path to walk along.  A Changing Mindset Despite the doom and…

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    Nike Takes a Knee

    Nike has made an unwavering decision to support Colin Kaepernick and make this former football player the face of an immense marketing campaign. Mr. Kaepernick’s controversial decision to kneel during the national anthem caused a large divide in the country between two large factions of people, further damaging the cohesiveness of the country’s political parties. Colin Kaepernick, a Black NFL player for the, was increasingly bothered by the violence and injustices he saw against the black community. He decided that to raise awareness by using his platform as a million-dollar star athlete on national television to raise awareness of the issue.As many know, his actions and the actions of some…

  • What to do when your health is in crisis
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    What To Do When Your Health Is In Crisis

    It can be positively petrifying when you suffer a problem with your health, whether it’s mental or physical. In fact, some conditions may literally be life or death, and even if they’re not, they can end up affecting every aspect of your life. With that in mind, it can be helpful to have a roadmap to follow if you do experience a crisis in your health that can help you navigate the tough parts and find your way back to normality again. Read on to find out more.   Seek treatment First of all, if you suspect that something is not quite right, it is vital to seek treatment as…

  • How I handle the fights between my boyfriend and I

    An Inside Look at the Fights Between my Boyfriend and I

    Every time the atmosphere in my relationship becomes anything less than perfect and celestial, I start to panic. My relationship is dreamy, honestly, it’s been the best thing and truly God-given. We are two fiercely independent people that find comfort in each other’s spirit. While we pride ourselves on our own liberty, we seek the refuge and strength of each other character. In short, we like each other. This relationship is better than anything I could have ever imagined as a preteen tucked away in the corners of my childhood bedroom. I saw relationships as suffocating, overly affectionate, and a little pointless yet, the allure of relationships still called me.…